Why should you have a pooja mandir in your home?

Why should you have a pooja mandir in your home?

The tradition of a home temple or pooja mandir in Hinduism is centuries old and is deeply rooted in our culture. A mandir is not just a symbol of our gratitude towards the Lord, for we all know that without His grace and blessings, no task can can be easily or successfully accomplished. It is a testament of our unwavering faith and the conviction of our devotion.

A grand pooja ghar mandir is every devotee’s dream. It’s an offering to their Lord, as a thank you for not only giving us a shelter above our heads but also for giving us life. For reminding us of His omnipresence as the owner of the entire creation and therefore the real owner of the house we live in, which we earthly mortals inhabit only with His blessings.

A pooja mandir is important for many other reasons as well:

  • It is a way for us to welcome our deities and offer Him a permanent space in our heart and home. With His presence establish, the pooja mandir serves as a central spiritual compass in our life to ensure that no matter where we go, or how far we stray, we always know where to find Him.
  • With a dedicated mandap space, there is an inherent assurance that He is always going to be with us to protect our family from all harm and evil.
  • A home temple is place to invoke His blessings by communing with Him on a daily basis as well as special occasions.
  • Just like each piece of furniture or space room in our house has a specific purpose, so also a wooden puja mandir serves the purpose of creating a conducive atmosphere for the purpose of meditation, worship, chanting and prayers.
  • A puja temple holds our spiritual thoughts and channels our vibrations, which pervades through our heart, influences the mind and fuels the soul. No matter how fatigued or troubled we are, by just being in the prayer room our entire mood is transformed and we feel spiritually uplifted.
  • A home temple serves with the rite of passage from one generation to the other. It enables us to instill our religious values and inculcates good morals and Indian traditions in our children, similar to what we inherited from our own parents.
  • A pooja mandap is a special gathering place where the entire family can come together in unison, young or old, especially on special occasions to ceremoniously worship the divine and seek His blessings.
  • Last but not the least, a pooja mandir plays the pivotal role of being a family heirloom, which is a very important part of our family legacy that we wish to hand down to the next generation.