Aakaar is home to zealously exquisite craftsmanship dedicated to the divine. Aakaar creations are the result of countless hours of passionate designing, chiseling, carving, polishing and painting.

Each Aakaar creation is a unique story of devotion. Whether it is the careful selection of flawless marble while covered in mud, or how the designer created the latest inspiration; whether it is the stories of the craftsmen whose families have been refining these art forms for generations, or simply of the person who’s just been drawn to a serene smiling face, which conveys reverence and divinity – the story is unique and the journey of each creation is brilliantly ordained.

Since 1979, Aakaar specializes in the traditional divine art form of Murtikala (“idol art”) and Mandirkala (“temple art”), although its creative designs are not just limited to them. Aakaar takes special pride in not only upholding, but also showcasing and supporting some of India’s finest traditional craftsmanship that have been honed over generations but now face extinction.

Aakaar draws its inspiration from Indian iconography’s most distinguished and important symbol – Padma, the sacred Lotus that represents purity, auspiciousness and beauty. These are the same uncompromising values that have shaped Aakaar’s design philosphy for decades.

Every Aakaar sculpture is a collector’s piece, created using the finest quality of marble or wood that carry the unmistakable feel of individuality. Our master-craftsmen ensure that the sculptures are hand crafted with the exquisite excellence that will appeal to art connoisseurs like you.

Each of our designs reflect discerning taste and the attention to detail that matches the high ideals of your devotion.

Explore and discover our collection at www.aakaar.com and if you’re in Mumbai, come visit our gallery and marvel at our exquisite collection in person. We promise it’ll be worth your trip.