Hesh Sarmalkar, New York

AMAZING MARBLE MURTIS and would like to invent a word that better describes than the word Amazing! Aakaar is one of the most exquisite and unique places on this planet if you want to own an Authentic, stunning and precious IDOL of any Hindu Gods or Jain or Buddhist Murtis too!. I used to visit Aakaar for many years each time that I visited my family in Mumbai. It was almost a regular stop to this temple or the abode of the GODS as it rightfully seems to be, to pay my respects to the beautiful Murtis.

I am one of those who always believes that the MURTI should speak to you the moment you attain its Darshan. It is about seeing and seen. And one day I saw a KRISNAJI in its Gow Gopal form (with the cow). I immediately fell in love with it and had every intention of owning it but for some reason I returned back and by the time I made up my mind, it was already sold. I was dejected for a few seconds but also believed that I would somehow one day will be able to have one of my own Gow Gopal and that too the same. I called Nayanaji and Samkit Shah (owners of Aakaar) and requested that I would like a similar Gow Gopal and if that was possible. Samkit informed me that since all the Murtis are handcrafted, they can never be the same. But the Gow Gopal that was made to order for me came out even better than what I had expected and which has been in our Mumbai home, in its own niche, looking STUNNING! We all feel that HE is smiling and blessing all of us. After that experience, I insisted that I would like another KRINAJI be made for my Manhattan home. But then again for me 'TO BE SEEN and TO SEE" is very and most important. 5 years after my first KRISHNAJI Murti, I finally found my 24 inches KRISHNAJI MURTI playing the BANSURI and I must say that this is also one of a kind and exceptionally beautiful.

Few months later I found my 21 inches GANESHJI, seated on a Sinhasan, another exquisite marvel. GANESHJI IS ALSO ABSOLUTELY Stunning. I feel so BLESSED and cannot Thank GOD enough for allowing me to be around these exceptionally beautiful works of art, handcrafted with devotion, exceptional artistry, careful supervision by Samkit Shah and with such precision that it reminds me of the statue of David in Florence where Michael Angelo said...speak David. I did not have to say so.......My GODS speak to me and such is the workmanship. I salute these Aakaar artisans who are talented and exceptional treasures of our heritage and Motherland called Bharat and I am proud to be associated with such wonderful people and of course Aakaar. All this is possible because the Shah family (Nayanaji, Samkit and Shraddha Shah) have and always will pay close attention to keep the quality of the MURTIS and never will they compromise quality for quantity. One can be assured of one of the most exquisite and one of a kind Murti's in this Universe, if you are planning to possess one. . I LOVE my MURTIS as they have brought me a lot of peace, love, happiness and tranquility. JAI SHREE GANESHJI, JAI SHREE KRISHNA, JAI MATA DI. -