Special Mandapam with Gopuram - 30 MEE

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SKU: 30 x 18 x 24 MEE
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Temple Details

  • External Size (W x D x H) : 32 x 19 x 60 Inches
  • Internal Size (W x D x H) : 26.5 x 16.5 x 24 Inches
  • Weight : 46 kgs
  • Material : Teak Wood, Marine-Grade MDF, Veneer and Melamine spray-polished
  • Finish : Rosewood - Gloss

Inspired by the deep-rooted traditions and elaborate rituals of southern India, this special gopuram mandhir design is bound to steal the show. Accented with its golden bells framed in a wooden latticed door, this showstopper will instantly transform your pooja room and change the entire vibe around with its sheer grandeur and presence. This mandap is specially finished in the traditional sheesham/rosewood colour and lacquered with a glossy PU coat. With ample drawer storage along with pull out tray extensions, this is the perfect fit for the deity and his ardent devotee alike.

  • Before placing your order, we request you to not only MEASURE the OUTER dimensions of your room space but also MEASURE all your idols/frames to DOUBLE CHECK and ensure it fits in the INNER SPACE of the selected temple. If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to message us via Amazon.
  • Every pooja mandir created by Aakaar is made with the same attention to detail and same premium quality using traditional Teakwood, MDF and Veneer.
  • The wooden temple is smoothly finished in the traditional Rosewood/Sheesham (think Dark Maroon) colour with a PU-Glossy finish.
  • The puja mandir comes ready to use with a light bulb, 4 hooks for hanging garlands or torans inside, a placemat/aasan for the idols, a cleaning brush, and screws to hang the home temple on the wall if required.
  • This temple requires no assembly, and only the 3 domes need to be screwed in place. There are 3 drawers for extra storage and 3 pullout trays for additional shelf space for your diya or thali.
  • Our wooden temples are very easy to clean and maintain. It can be wiped daily with a damp cloth. Please do read our product care card for more details, which is included with each wooden mandir.
Product Care

The simple instructions mentioned below will go a long way to help you preserve and prolong the life of your temple:

  • A soft cloth or brush such as the one provided with your wooden temple should be used for daily cleaning. It will remove the dust easily, without affecting the polish.
  • Occasionally, the temple can be cleaned using a semi-damp cloth without a problem.
  • Puja ingredients like milk, honey, kumkum or vermillion, turmeric, sandalwood, saffron, flowers, lemon, ghee, or yogurt etc. tend to leave a mark and hence should be used carefully with discretion.
  • Wipe away any spills immediately with a dry cloth.
  • Light your incense sticks, diyas, dhoop and agarbatti on the tray provided in the temple, so that the soot released does not affect the polish of the temple and your deities inside.
  • Do not keep anything that is very hot or cold directly on the wooden surface.
  • Position your temple away from direct sunlight and/or heat.

Aakaar Temples are completely handcrafted, using complex procedures of carpentry, carving and polishing. Slight marks and variations on the temple should not be mistaken as a glitch; as any irregularities in the product only add to the inherent uniqueness that is intrinsic to it.

In case the temple gets damaged for some reason, contact us instead of attempting to fix it yourself. An amateur restoration is more likely to cause permanent damage to it.

We hope you cherish your temple as much as we have taken pride in making it.

For further queries:
Write to us at customercare@aakaar.com or call us at (+91) 961.992.9262 or (+1) 646.847.8479


guide to choosing the right home temple

At Aakaar, we take great pride in making aesthetically proportionate and beautiful home temples. We pride ourselves on our quality and strongly believe there should be no compromises made when it comes to choosing one. These are divine heirlooms that are passed down generations and therefore we insist on nothing but the best. Our patrons from the last 35 years will vouch for this.

Compiled below are a few important guidelines to help you find your perfect temple.


It is not only important to consider the external height, width, and depth but also the internal dimensions. Most clients ignore the internal dimensions and end up with a temple that is either too big and empty or too small and cluttered for their deities.

Aakaar recommends considering your biggest deity or biggest photo frame as a point of reference and measure around them. As a rule of thumb, we recommend to leave an inch on all three sides for a photo frame and at least three inches for an idol as a good approximation for the internal space needed in your temple.

If you plan to place multiple idols or frames in the temple, arrange them on a flat surface and measure the width and depth of the area it occupies. This will give you an approximation of the internal width and depth needed for your temple. It would be advisable to leave some extra space as buffer. Additionally, consider utilizing a step formation (can be customized with your order) to create multi-level platform as an effective and creative way of optimizing the internal space in your temple.


The orientation of a temple is important as well and must be decided in accordance to the arrangements of the deities inside. For example, if you are planning on having a Krishna murti, you are probably better off with a temple that gives you more vertical height so a taller murti can fit in. On the other hand, if you were looking to keep a set of Ram, Lakshman, and Sitamurtis then you would be better off with a temple with more width.


The placement of the temple is imperative to your divine experience and darshan. If you prefer being seated, Aakaar temples designed for the floor that feature legs are best suited for you. If you prefer to stand or see your deities at eye level, opt for Aakaar temples that are designed for the wall. These temples have a lesser depth but can be easily mounted without protruding out too much. All wall-mounted temples can also be fitted with legs (for an extra cost) if you choose to rest it on the floor or a higher platform. To raise the overall height of the temple platform Aakaar also customizes extra bases that match the temple design and polish with storage inside.


Aakaar offers two distinct home temple collections: classic and premium. Both collections are handcrafted using a combination of seasoned Teak Wood, MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) and Veneer. The core differences within the two collections are: the quantum of teak wood used, the workmanship, and detailing. The premium collection, at a slightly higher cost, has additional detailed carvings and therefore, takes more time to be made and requires a higher quantum of teak wood.

Most of Aakaar temples (unless specified otherwise) have a rosewood matte finish. However, Aakaar also customizes your temple to different shades of wood polish to accommodate different preferences. The option of a high-gloss coat of polyurethane (PU) is also available to enhance the aesthetic look on both standard and customized temples in each collection.

contact us

For any further guidance please do not hesitate to contact us on (+91) 961.992.9262 (India) / (+1) 646.847.8479 (USA) or write to us at customercare@aakaar.com


Q: I like the features of this product, but want some custom changes done to the size or design, is it possible?

While we offer a wide variety of choices when it comes to our wooden temples, we realize that sometimes you may want something customized to suit your exact needs. Please write to us with your requirements and we’ll work with you to do our best to incorporate them.

Q: What are the other colours/polish shades available?

The rosewood matte finish is our most popular polish shade, which is tried and tested over the last 40 years and is therefore our default shade of choice. We could, however, customise a temple to the shade of your choice such as natural teak (yellowish ochre), walnut (light brown), venge (blackish brown), burnt sienna (reddish brown), etc. We could also spray paint your temple in metallic colours such as golden, silver, copper etc. and also offer glossy PU coat finish.

Q: Can you make this pooja mandir in a different wood such as Rosewood or Sevan?

Aakaar temples are already made with the finest quality materials ensuring that we don’t compromise on quality. However, if you do want the temple to be custom-made fully in wood, we would highly recommend making it in teakwood because it has good tensile strength and is easily available. Rosewood is not easily available and original Sevan tends to be too soft, bends easily and is not strong enough for making a sturdy temple with the hope of lasting for several years.

Q: How long does it usually take for a custom order for a puja mandir?

Our usual turnaround time for custom orders is 4-5 weeks and we’re committed to that time. However, this time frame can easily vary depending upon the dimensions and complexity of work and therefore, if you’re short on time, it’s best to check with us before placing an order.

Q: How do you ship your products and how long does it take for delivery?

We ship all our products using FedEx’s global network both within India and Internationally. The speed and service time varies from region to region but on average a client in the US receives our shipments within 7 working days.

Q: Why is the shipping cost for the wooden temples so expensive?

Most of our wooden temples are shipped in the assembled form, because of which the courier company charges us on the volumetric or dimensional weight of the packaged box since that is bulkier than the actual physical weight of the temple shipment.

Q: What happens if our shipment is damaged in transit?

We take utmost care and precaution to ensure that our products are very safely and securely packed to withstand the rigours of shipping. Our commitment to delivering the temple to you is backed by our commitment to ensure you receive our product damage free and we stand by that.

Please see our detailed FAQ/ Shipping Page for more details.

Why Aakaar?

Bring home an exquisitely hand-crafted wooden pooja temple from AAKAAR IDOLS & TEMPLES. Since 1979, the brand Aakaar is devoted to intricate craftsmanship and has come to be synonymous with trust & quality. For almost four decades our wooden temples have been adorning the homes of our clients around the world, who have rated us as the best in the industry. These several thousand satisfied customers are a strong testament to our quality and design.

When our diverse clientele orders a pooja temple, a ghar mandir, a mandapam, or a devghar, we appreciate them for knowing that they are just not bringing home a piece of furniture to their house. Our devout patrons realize they are choosing a special home for their deity and understand that a wooden temple is not just a product, but an extension of their faith. It’s an integral part of their family because not only is it sacred and holds their prayers but also because it is an heirloom, which must be treasured and passed down through generations.

Our vaastu compliant mandir designs are inspired by our rich Indian heritage and traditions and strike a perfect balance between form and functionality. Whether you’re looking for a temple with doors or without doors, or are looking to hang it on the wall or place it on the floor, with over 50 different models in various sizes, we have all those options and more in the finest finishing you’ll ever see.

We encourage and invite you to choose an exquisite Aakaar home temple and join our family of thousands of other satisfied customers who’s patronage has brought us this far and enabled us to reach you all on Aakaar.com