Reena Mayank Shah, Mumbai

Some years from today I was walking my way to Siddhi Vinayak temple and came across this shop named Aakaar and was astonished to see the work done on the idol I was looking forward to take one small idol of Mata rani but then my economic never allowed me to enter the shop premises but in my mind a wish was born which I never believed it would come true in few years of time.

Our temple was being constructed in our village and we were looking out for the idol when me and my wife decided to go to this shop with not a 1% of hope to really strike a deal but way the things unfolded it was something like a legacy as if we were destined to come here and take our Mata rani.

We were running out of time and we needed our Kul Devi(Sachha Maa) , Khshetrapal Dada, Hanumanji and Ganesha we wanted the way we were seeing her in our vision and here Nayna aunty chipped in and did all the research and gave her inputs. We were meeting her for the first time and she never conversed with us like a businesswomen or like doing the deal but helped us get our complete vision, the patience and peace which she had was really amazing while understanding the wants which we had and then she researched and made our Matarani sketch which we thought was perfect but we were looking forward for the same to be delivered in the piece of rock and that too on time, she needed to make the Mata Rani and the Kshetrapal as the Pranprathishta was in Navratri it was a race against time.

One day she called up and said Matarani and Khsetrapal are ready and asked us to come over to see the idol. We were excited and nervous but as the cloth was taken over we were pleasantly shell shocked and didn’t had any words to describe what we were seeing, it was as if Mata rani was actually talking to us it was that one moment which we shall never ever forget ….it was the first look….!

We were given the first look of Kshetrapal and again we didn’t had any words to compliment Aakaar team for the piece of marvel they had produced it was this Kheshtrapal of ours standing handsomely like our king that’s exactly what we had required and that’s what Team Aakaar had delivered.

The hospitality the patience and the understanding of a clients want is all completed here in Aakaar. On the day when I was loading our Mata Rani and Kshetrapal Hanumanji and Ganesha I was not a client but We felt like a family there We are happy, proud and satisfied that our Kuldevi and Kuldevta were made here as such things are done once in a lifetime and surely for us it was and will always forever be the memorable achievement.

Thank you very much Aakaar team for giving us our memorable moment which will stay for us forever…